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  1. takashi0930 Senior Member

    I'm trying to understand the difference between "bidirectional" and " interactive".

    The following sentence is from the New England Journal of Medicine.

    There is a bidirectional relationship between adenovirus and GVHD, such that adenovirus infection may trigger GVHD and the immunosuppression associated with treating GVHD increases the likelihood of a viral infection.

    If I change "bidirectional" to "interactive" here, would it change the meaning of the sentence?
  2. Edinburgher Senior Member

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    Yes, it would. "Interactive" suggests that the two things interact, but the explanation given describes a different kind of relationship: It is the treatment of GVHD, i.e. the immunosuppressants, and not the GVHD itself, that leads to potential positive feedback.
  3. takashi0930 Senior Member

    Ah, I see! Thank you very much.

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