bien pinche latosita

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    I am not fluent in Spanish (yet!), but I recently went to Mexico and bought a t-shirt for my little niece that reads:

    Soy chiquita
    soy bonita
    pero bien
    pinche latosita

    I don't quite understand the meaning of "pinche latosita." Not sure, but I think that it might mean something like "damn pain in the neck." Is it an insult and how can I translate it? Thanks.
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    Latosita es el diminutivo femenino de latoso.
    latoso1 -sa adj
    a (fam) (molesto) annoying, tiresome; no seas latoso don’t be so
    annoying o tiresome, don’t be such a pain o nuisance o pest. (Diccionario Oxford)

    Pinche intensifica el sentido peyorativo de la palabra latosita, que se suma al que ya tiene el diminutivo.
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    Muchas gracias!

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