bien = quite/rather/pretty/fairly

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To my mind 'quite, rather, pretty, fairly' can all be used interchangeably in most circumstance. So far I've used 'bastante' to convey a similar sentiment, as in:

'It's pretty far' = 'Es bastante lejos'

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I've tried to incorporate this usage into my speech, which seems to have gone fine on some occasions, while at other times people have corrected me and told me to use bastante instead. Could some one provide some clarification on this please?!

1. Are my assumptions about 'quite, rather, pretty, fairly' meaning 'bastante', correct?

2. Are the following usages of 'bien' correct?

Examples from the video: Es bien caro. / Ella es bien bonita.

My example: Estoy bien cansado./ Es bien lejos. / Hace bien calor.
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