bien vouloir venir avec une lettre de motivation


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I'm currently applying for a job in france, I got an interview, but the letter they sent me inviting me to the interview asked me to bring a "lettre de motivation" to the interview. I understand this means a coving letter, but it seems a little strange to bring a covering letter to the interview, as I thought I covering letter was more about persuading the company to give you an interview. So I was wondering if this ment something different in this content?

The full sentence is:
"Nous vous prions également de bien vouloir venir avec une lettre de motivation"
  • hercules

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    you are right.
    Normally the motivation letter is sent with your resume to persuade the company to give you an interview.
    but maybe they want to ask you some questions about your moivation letter ?


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    cela ne m'est jamais arrivé. Oui c'est un peu inutile dans ce , en tout cas j'pense qu'il verront davantage ta motivation en t'entendant parler.
    Je ne peux que te conseiller d'ecrire une lettre.

    A plus



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    Good luck for your interview! They ask you that kind of letter probably for the archive... It's possible that they want a letter to put it in your file...

    Agnès E.

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    I think they are looking for you to elaborate on your reasons to be willing working in the company... and to give them the best reasons to hire you. :)


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    Hello again!

    I just think about it, perhaps it's a test to see how you write in french, if you're looking for a job here, they have to be sure that you speak french but also you correctly write up in french: grammar, spelling... be careful ;)
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