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  1. elizabeth31 Senior Member

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    Please could you explain the difference between Bienvenido and Bienvenidos? I want to translate welcome to the website and thought it would be "Bienvenido al sitio web" but now not sure as I have seen "Bienvenidos" a lot!!

  2. blasita

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    Both are possible, in my opinion. I might prefer: "Bienvenido a nuestra página web/nuestro sitio web" (maybe it's more personal?), but the plural is okay (ustedes/vosotros).

    Let's wait for more replies. Saludos.
  3. Masood

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    I think Bienvenidos addresses people (plural), as opposed to one person.
    Wait for more replies.
  4. weeshus

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    I agree with Blasita and with Masood. BUT if you are wishing to make your welcome personal to the individual who logs on, then it is more welcoming to say Bienvenido. I prefer Blasita's suggestions "Welcome to our web site/welcome to our web page". The addition of "nuestra/nuestro" to your suggestion elizabeth31, again makes it a little more personal for the visitor.
  5. elizabeth31 Senior Member

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    Muchas gracias a todos

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