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    I have been asked to make a (last-minute) banner welcoming my sister's new in-laws to town for her wedding -- like "Welcome Smiths!" but in Spanish. Our family is English-only and my sister's fiance's family, especially mother, speaks mainly Spanish.

    For my welcome banner, should I simply write "Bienvenido <family name>" with the family name in plural form? Any preposition needed between them? Should there be an 's' at the end of 'bienvenido'?

    Any other wedding-specific words or phrases would be most appreciated, too! :)

    Many thanks in advance...
  2. Iadam Member


    I don't know if I will use "Bienvenidos Martínez", because in Spain we don't use to name families as in English "The Martínez" for example. If they come from another city or country, I think I will use "Bienvenidos a (city name)", bienvenidos should be in plural if they are more than one person (men and women) if they are all women then you should change to Bienvenidas.

    It's just my suggestion, wait for more replies. :)
  3. Duometri

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    I think Iadam is right."Bienvenidos Martínez" sounds strange in Spanish. I would say "Bienvenidos a (city name)" or just "Bienvenidos". In any case, never write an "s" after the family name; "Martínezs" or "Alcántaras" sounds terrible in Spanish.
  4. HermanoInLaw New Member

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    Thanks Iadam -- maybe there are cultural/regional factors, too, in using last names like in English. They are Mexican-American, from southern part of Texas.

    Any Texans out there...?
  5. Duometri

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    Perhaps you could say "Bienvenida Familia Martínez"
  6. Odalrich Senior Member

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    I vote for Duometri's post, Bienvenida,familia Martinez.
  7. friedfysh Senior Member

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    in Spanish they don't put an S at the end of the family but you can tell it's plural because they use a plural version of "the" so the family would be "Los martinez" etc... not that you need this for your banner. I think "bienvenidos" is all you need.

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