bienvenue moussaillon


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Hi all,

I've got a text which is a list of phrases that would appear on postcards / greetings cards. However, it's sometimes not clear what sort of card they would appear on. I'm not sure about the following:

bienvenue moussaillon !

I know that 'moussaillon' mean's 'ship's boy' but I was wondering if it's a humorous way of congratulating someone on the birth of a baby boy. Maybe like saying 'It's a boy!'. Can anyone confirm this? Or put me right?

Thanks in advance.
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    moussaillon is tender way to talk about a young boy. "mousse" is a ship's boy, and "moussaillon" is a pet name for "mousse", both names commonly used aboard ships, and by extension "moussaillon" in general language can be a sweet way to address a young boy.

    Note also that "moussaillon" may have a second pejorative connotation and may be equivalent to the English "rookie".


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    It could be, but personally I'd use the expression for a young boy/man rather than for a baby boy.
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