Big blow to someone/ Big blow for someone.


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Big blow to someone.

Big blow for someone.

What I have understood is that, When I say Big blow to someone or something, it means the occurrence has badly affected their prospect.It has harm their chances.

Whereas,When I say, Big Blow for someone or something, it means it has boosted their chances. It has benefited them.

Am I right?
  • anthox

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    That is still not a complete sentence, but "blow" in this expression has the sense of a "hit" or "strike." So, "a big blow to NASA" means NASA was metaphorically "hit" by something damaging.

    I have never heard of "a big blow for someone," and I am inclined to think it would not mean "a benefit to someone." But, again, you need to give full example sentences in order to receive useful answers.
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