Big blow to someone/ Big blow for someone.


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Big blow to someone.

Big blow for someone.

What I have understood is that, When I say Big blow to someone or something, it means the occurrence has badly affected their prospect.It has harm their chances.

Whereas,When I say, Big Blow for someone or something, it means it has boosted their chances. It has benefited them.

Am I right?
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    That is still not a complete sentence, but "blow" in this expression has the sense of a "hit" or "strike." So, "a big blow to NASA" means NASA was metaphorically "hit" by something damaging.

    I have never heard of "a big blow for someone," and I am inclined to think it would not mean "a benefit to someone." But, again, you need to give full example sentences in order to receive useful answers.


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    I think it'd be close to the one I found on urban dictionary

    a Blow
    (n.) A defeat, loss, reduction or failure, especially of a severe or devastating nature. This term is optionally preceded and/or followed by the prepositions "to" and/or "from", which can be used to further refine its scope of meaning.

    1. It has been over two months since the team's last win, so the coach's job may be at risk if they suffer another blow this Saturday
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