Big business clamour for Canada to adopt

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    Hello all users!

    Big business clamour for Canada to adopt US-style “right-to-work” laws.

    Does the aforementrioned title mean the same as Big business demand that Canada (should) adopt?

    This term is from the title "Big business clamour for Canada to adopt US-style “right-to-work” laws"
    The additional source:

    Thank you.
  2. entangledbank

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    Yes, 'clamour' here is a journalist's word for a lot of people saying they want something - or some people saying it, and the journalist thinking it sounds good to make it a lot. Because it's a headline, some small functional words have been left out, and it's not clear whether 'clamour' is the noun or the verb. Expanded, it could be equivalent to either of these two:

    Big business is clamouring for . . .
    There is a big business clamour for . . .

    (As a group of people, 'big business' could take either a singular or a plural verb: big business clamour = big business are clamouring.)
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    No, it's not the same as "demand". Have you looked up the two words in the WR dictionary?

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