big can of whup ass [whoop / woop]

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The room's sole decoration is an outsize cylinder bursting apart with springs. Its label reads, "big can of whup ass."

What does "big can of whup ass", especially "whup ass" mean? And here "springs" are fountain like springs or flexible, bouncing springs? My guess is the second.

Please help me out. Thanks.
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    a big can of ass-kicking... presumably you could open this mythic container and pull out an ass-kicking (some other person's, by the way; not yours). Think of it as macho humor -- it is funny image.

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    It's a gag gift. It's a can that has a spring in it so when you open it, a springy thing jumps out of it. Sometimes people give their friends (as a joke) a can disguised as a can of nuts, and when you open it, a springy snake jumps out of it. The snake is actually a wire coiled spring covered in fabric to look like a snake. It's the same thing, except the can says "A big can of whoop ass." Like Copyright said, it a big can of ass kicking.


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    We were discussing this term the other day, so I thought I'd bring my offering to the altar (of WordReference). LOL
    For the record, in USA English, a "can of whoop-ass" is an urban, colloquial term that describes the event of either a big, major telling-off (verbal) or a physical beating meant to defeat someone.
    The term "open up a can of whoop-ass" doesn't refer to a literal tin can with an ingredient inside called "whoop-ass". The term is used when someone lets off steam whether by telling someone else off in a very brutal way (a vitriol of mean criticism) or when someone physically takes another person down by brutal force (like beating someone up or punching them or something like that).
    The "can of whoop-ass" you're referring to in your post is a "gag-gift", which is a comical gift given to someone for comical purposes. The "can" probably had a long wire spring dressed as a snake stuffed inside, and when you open the can, the snake jumps out at you. You're supposed to freak out and then laugh. :D:D:D
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