big corporate take-over conspiracy

Jin akashini

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Hi every one,

I would like to ask you the meaning of the word "big corporate take-over conspiracy", below is the context:

"If I’m wrong and there is some big corporate take-over conspiracy going on on that we maximalists all missed then cryptocurrency on the whole is a failure because then we failed to sustain decentralization"

The sentence above is from an article on the Hackernoon, here is the link:

Bitcoin Cash is NOT Bitcoin – Hacker Noon

Thanks and regards,

P/S: I have no idea what it means :(
  • PaulQ

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    What do you understand by the words
    1. big (adj.)
    2. corporate (adj.)
    3. take-over (n.)
    4. conspiracy (n.) ?
    (Our dictionary will help.)


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    No. Big corporate and take-over all describe "conspiracy". The conspiracy's nature 'big' and it is a take-over that is being done by a "company/corporation"
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