1. wfanny99

    wfanny99 Senior Member

    bonjour, je cherche à traduire cette phrase : " when possible get on the ball with the big fashion whell in SF"
    contexte : un homme écrit à sa femme enceinte que ses parents ne s'inquiètent pas, qu'il tiendra ses engagements, "quand tout sera prêt avec ??? la bagnole à SF"? ou autre chose?
    je n'y arrive pas?
    merci, :)
  2. Novanas Senior Member

    English AE/Ireland
    Hello, Fanny. This isn't clear to me, because I don't think you've really explained the context well enough, and I don't know what "SF" is (San Francisco?).

    At any rate, I think "the big fashion wheel" certainly refers to the fact that fashions in clothing are constantly changing, eventually returning to their starting point. E.g., skirts might be short for a while, then longer, then become short again. But how that relates to your text isn't clear at all to me.
  3. Martyn94 Banned

    "Get on the ball with" probably means something like "keep yourself informed about/up-to-date with" changing fashions in San Francisco.
  4. joelooc

    joelooc Senior Member

    French (Provence)
    I would say the" big whee"l is a" big shot" in the world of fashion and he expects some kind of collaboration with him get on the ball/play ball)
  5. petit1 Senior Member

    français - France
    Quand tu pourras ne perds pas de temps et renoue avec "la grande roue" de la mode.

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