Big Mac and Little Dipper


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Hello everybody

I'm translating a book from the "Big Mac and Little Dipper" series for children and I was wondering how to translate this name:
"Little Dipper" is a young female puppy and I found several definitions for the word «dipper» including a type of saucepan, a type of scoop and a type of bird. Do you have any idea which of those might the authour have thought of at the time of naming this character?

Thank you all in advance
  • fenixpollo

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    The Little Dipper is a constellation known as Ursa Minor. A Big Mac is a hamburger at Macdonald's. The first is already translated in our dictionary, and the second has no translation.

    Oldy Nuts

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    Desde el hemisferio austral no vemos ni la Osa Mayor ni la Osa Menor, así que no estoy seguro de lo que voy a decir. Si al "Big Dipper" (conjunto de estrellas de la Osa Mayor) se la conoce en español como "El Cazo/Carro (Mayor)", no veo por qué al "Little Dipper" (conjunto estrellas de la Osa Menor) no se la puede llamar "El Cazo/Carro Menor". Sólo una opinión.


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    Acá las conocemos como las constelaciones de 'La Cacerola Grande' y 'La Cacerola Pequeña' (Cacerola= saucepan).
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