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I'd love some help translating the phrase "big shoes to fill" from English into French. Any ideas out there?

Many thanks!
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    I'm Googling about that phrase along with "hard/tough act to follow" and there are several bilingual sites that use it, but they all seem to use a non-idiomatic expression to translate. The best I've found so far are:
    "il sera difficle d'en faire autant" ou "difficle de suivre la voie tracée par les prédecesseurs"...
    Let's see if anyone finds anything better...


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    Ascoltate is perfectly right. A literal translation is not possible and you would need to use a completely different structure most of the time.

    to leave big shoes to fill
    X is leaving big shoes to fill:
    X a placé la barre haut (pour Y).

    to have big shoes to fill:
    Y has big shoes to fill:
    Il sera difficile pour Y de faire aussi bien que X.
    La barre est haute pour Y.
    Y a un énorme défi à relever. (not literal but could work)
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