Bigger articles of clothing--how do I say it idiomatically


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Hello. I desire to say something in English in a more idiomatic, natural way. It is this: "bigger articles of clothing", except I don't want to say it the way I just did, because it sounds weird.

To give you a better idea of what I meant: there are things that are small and easy to hand-wash. Things like socks, panties, t-shirts, etc. Then there are big huge things like winter coats/jackets, ankle-length pants, that are "big" and difficult to wash by hands. I want a catch-all term to describe the latter, hence my question. Thanks.
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    I think your options are either to provide a list: "coats, jackets, pants," or simply to say "larger (or bigger) articles of clothing" or "larger garments."

    By the way, "wanna" is not a word in English.


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    In a clothing store I would say, "Do you have this garment is larger sizes?" With large, medium and small being standard sizing, extra large, extra-extra large and extra-extra-extra large being "larger sizes". They are usually written as S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL.

    Packard: The large size is too small.

    Sales clerk: That garment is available in larger sizes.

    Note: In regards to smaller sizes I've only ever seen "XS" (extra-small). For smaller sizes than that you have to shop in juniors or child departments.


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    Thanks all.

    I think I will just say, "articles of clothing that are difficult to wash by hand". Sounds a bit cumbersome but it captures what I am trying to say.
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