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Gabriel Malheiros

Senior Member
Portuguese - Brazil
Hello, guys

Let's say I am at a footwear store and I am trying on a pair of shoes, and I want to a pair of shoes of the same color and model, but bigger. How could I say that?

"Do you have a bigger one of this color and model?"

or if I want one of the same model but black, would it be wrong to say "Do you have a red one of this model?"

would it be wrong?

thank you
  • Andygc

    Senior Member
    British English
    Saying "more colourful" in a shoe shop doesn't, to me, make any sense. A shoe shop here has its shoes on display. If it has shoes in red and green stripes, or tartan Doc Martins, there will be an example on show. The question is always "Do you have these in a 9?" (or whatever sizing system is used). Also, asking if they have a pair that's "more colourful" doesn't help the assistant to give you what you want - do you want custard yellow, shocking pink, lime green or barber-pole red and white stripes? However, yes, you could say "Do you have a more colourful pair?"
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