biggest bang for the reform buck

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    Aye, Aye, another one for the economically minded:

    In the framework developped by the development economist Dani Rodrik, a shortage of capital can be a binding growth constraint : the place where the "biggest bang for the (policy) reform buck can be obtained"

    I guess reform buck is where I'm really lost: would there another meaning to buck then dollar ?? The place is also unclear, figurativelly speaking maybe, like a turning point ?
    Thanks a lot for any help...
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    Rather than waste precious human and political capital on a diverse set of reform objectives, we argue that the biggest bang for the reform buck can be obtained by identifying the most significant bottleneck in the economy at any point in time, and focussing efforts on alleviating that bottleneck.

    la plus grande efficacité/le plus grand impact des mesures de réforme
    je pense qu'ici "buck" désigne les diverses formes d'"investissement"
    j'aime bien l'image du "plus grand big bang"
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    Merci Archijacq, cela éclaire ma chandelle:
    donc cela fait sens si je dis : l'endroit précis où « le plus grand big bang peut être obtenu pour l’argent investi/ les sommes investies dans les réformes »
  4. Horatio Barbadoes Senior Member

    my (non-native) explanation:
    le plus grande rendement pour l'argent venant des réformes

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