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    I've spent quite a while trying to find the English for 'bilan biologique'. I know it is a checkup of the blood but I can't find the proper English term. Many thanks..

    Here is the ST for context:

    Amélioration rapide en 6 jours du bilan biologique :
    - hémoglobine: 10 g
    - polynucléaires neutrophiles: 3000
    - plaquettes: 25000 (seul le taux des plaquettes n'était pas revenu à une valeur antérieure, celle-ci étant à préciser).

    Many thanks

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    Thanks Johanne,

    I checked it and it seems the best option.

  4. generalmelched Senior Member

    Under further examination, the govt sites of Canada appear to use several meanings...
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    If it is just for blood then maybe 'blood work' or 'blood count' or 'complete blood count' is the right translation. I am not a doctor so I don't know, I've just heard those terms for a checkup of the blood. It seems like bilan biologique is more general than just blood tests but in this context it looks like it is only referring to that.

    However, according to wikipedia the translation of complete blood count is Hémogramme or numération formule sanguine or examen hématologique complet or hémato complet.
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