Bilan en révèle

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Prince Herman

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The French phrase in question “Bilan en révèle” was used in a French language Swiss newspaper report about the reaction of trades people to a proposed change in the law governing when they could claim their products were “Swiss made” which phrase is an indication of provenance or origin. “FHS” or the Fédération de l’industrie horlogère suisse is a trade group. The context is as follows”

L’horlogerie suisse se lance dans le renforcement du Swiss Made. La Fédération de l’industrie horlogère suisse s’apprête à présenter à ses membres un projet de renforcement du label Swiss Made. Bilan en révèle les lignes directrices qui, avant même d’être adoptées, agitent déjà le Landerneau horloger.

I translate this as: The Swiss watch industry is promoting the strengthening of [the] “Swiss made” [indication of provenance]. The FHS is preparing a presentation for its members of a plan for reinforcing the Swiss made label. The record shows that the guidelines, even before being adopted, were already agitating the watch making Establishment.

The trouble is that “Bilan” is also a French language Swiss business magazine. “Bilan en révèle” may refer to a report in the magazine. Despite this ambiguity, I don’t think the understanding of the excerpt is materially affected. Can anyone confirm, refute or refine my understanding? Your kind courtesy and consideration are greatly appreciated.
  • Barsac

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    You could mention that "Bilan" is a Swiss business magazine.
    The Swiss business magazine "Bilan" unveils the guidelines of this plan which, even before being adopted, are already ....
    It is a bit long, but you could cut the sentence in two shorter ones.
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