Bill of emotional health

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Context and Thoughts : Men always say that they do not understand women, perhaps because they were sent to single sex schools. Research has proved that boys who went to single sex schools as opposed to mixed schools are more likely to get divorced and suffer from depression in their 40. This is proof that we should school our children in mixed schools in order to give them the best bill of emotional health. Dr. Diana Leonard, who presented the findings, concluded that ‘Boys learn better when they are with girls and they actually learn to get on better’


As we all know, 'Bill' has many different forms depending on context, mostly for noun use, but the one I posted here seems not familiar in my experience.

Could you please explain it on a more nuanced level?
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    The following is a common idiomatic phrase, which in your extract has been adapted slightly and made specific to emotional health:

    a clean bill of health
    A declaration or confirmation that someone is healthy or that something is in good condition.
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