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  1. Laurier-tin Member

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    This is my first post on this incredibly interesting forum so I'm quite impressed !

    My question:
    Are the 2 phrases Billing address and Invoicing addressequivalent in English? I can only think of Adresse de facturation in French.

    The context is: an Internet form for on-line purchase where the two phrases appear.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Suehil

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    Yes, they are the same. Usually you are asked for a 'delivery address' and an 'invoicing/billing address'. I may be wrong, but I think the Americans are more likely to use 'billing'.
  3. Laurier-tin Member

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    Thank you Suehil !
  4. Clemica

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    I have found out that sometimes billing address and invoicing address mean two different things. For example when a company has several subsidiaries there could be one billing address (the main accountancy department for example, that will pay the bills) but several invoicing addresses (one for each subsidiary, where the invoice will be sent but not paid). En français, cela pourrait être respectivement traduit par adresse de facturation et adresse à laquelle envoyer la facture.

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