Bind together Vs Unite?

  • Dimcl

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    Hello amigos!

    We can´t split up!!! we have such a love that binds us together/unite us.

    Which one works better in this sentence?


    "Binds us together" has a slightly possessive connotation to it that "unites us" doesn't. "Binds us" sounds like two people tied together whereas "unites" sounds like two people being part of a whole.

    By the way, Sam, "We have such a love that __________ us" is rather awkward-sounding because of the use of "such". In fact, I'm reasonably certain that it's not grammatically correct. The use of "such" would sound fine in:

    "We have such a love that we will be together forever" OR
    "We have such a love that nothing will ever split us up"

    "Such" is used as an emphasis and it's not working in your sentence.
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