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Hi! What does “bing, bang, boom” mean? I wondered if they are both used as onomatopoeic words here.? But I am not sure why they are used in this way anyway.

See definition 1 at, "bang: 1. a loud, sudden, explosive noise, as the discharge of a gun." Definition 6, "boom: 6. a deep, prolonged, resonant sound."

I could not find definition of "bing".

[Warehouse 13]

Pete [Sercret Service Agent]: But before Artie hung up, he said that he had everything that he needed. Bing, bang, boom, Claudia took Artie to the lab.

Mrs. Frederic [Superior of Pete]: You took the initiative, and you recognized what needed to be done, all in Artie's absence. I'm pleased.
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    "Bing, bang, boom" is intended to show a serious of actions, sort of like saying "presto, change-o!" or "abracadabra!" It suggests a quick and almost automatic process takes place, sort of like saying "and before you knew it..."

    EDIT: I've also encountered "Bingo-bango!" used in this manner.
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