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    I am trying to find the term for binge and purge. It is when someone who is bulimic eats a lot of food and then throws it all up. But I need a general word, one that would work with any addiction. It is the idea of binging and purging or doing something in excess and then trying to get rid of it.
    Any ideas?????

    Sample sentence:
    Most addicts binge and then feel despair much like a bulimic will binge and purge.

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    Curious question. The problem is to find something you can apply to a variety of situations from a drug addict to a pregnant cow:

    For binge I think the best is “hartarse” to get fed up of something, or "atiborrarse" to get stuffed, both reflexive verbs.

    For purge I simply cannot find a common term as they vary depending on the exit orifice. Only “soltar” as “release” could fir in my oipinion, then again I am not an expert.

    One option: atiborrarse y soltarlo todo después.
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    Hartazgo(satiation) y alivio(purge). But I don't know the medical termos for this... Saludos.
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    Hola Exe y Christine.
    ¡Por fin llegué al Wiley's Dictionary of Psychology and Psychiatry!

    binge = hartazgo
    binge eating = hartazgo del comer

    purge = purga (Harper Collins Unabridged Spanish Dictionary)

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    I have heard "llenarse vorazmente y eliminar". Also, "engullir y vomitar" . ??
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    en el contexto de la bulimia, se habla de 'atracón' y 'vómitos'. Así de crudo, qué le vamos a hacer.

    Respecto a la frase completa yo diría:
    'Muchos adictos presentan la misma ansiedad seguida de malestar que experimentan los bulímicos con sus atracones y vómitos'.

    Suerte. Esther

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