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Alan Evangelista

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The noun "binge" means "an occasion when an activity is done in an extreme way, esp. eating, drinking, or spending money".

- "larica" means "strong hunger" and it's not a translation of "binge"
- "porre" means "hangover" and it's not a translation of "binge"
- "farra" means "a moment of fun or celebration, characterized by euphoric and noisy behavior" and figuratively it can also mean "spree" (e.g. spending spree). However, "farra" is not used in Portuguese in the context of watching a lot of movies at once, as the example "Em dias de chuva, eu gosto de fazer uma farra com filmes" does. "a movie binge" would probably be translated as "uma maratona de filmes".

Please remove/fix the above incorrect translations.
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