Bingo fans could complete their cards

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In an article about the game which Arsenal lost to Westham last Sunday (0-2) I read "bingo fans could complete their cards". I have no idea what it means. I would be grateful to you if you help me "decipher" its meaning. Here is more context: "There was possession from Wenger’s team but little incision and when two dreadful concessions left them playing catch-up, there was the sight of a visiting team defending deeper and beginning to play for time – which always gets Wenger’s goat. Afterwards, Wenger bingo fans could complete their cards. “A successful season is down to how you respond to disappointments,” Wenger said." Thanks a lot.
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    Bingo - a game in which players have a card with numbers on it. A caller draws numbers and calls them out. As each number is called the players cross out the number on their card if they have it. When a player has crossed out all her numbers she calls "Bingo!" and wins the prize.

    Buzzphrase bingo - a game played secretly at conferences. Players have lists of cliché-ridden phrases (as commonly heard in business conferences and at political meetings). The first one to hear speakers use all the phrases says "Bingo". Players usually sit in the back row so that the speakers do not hear "Bingo!"

    Arsen Wenger Bingo - the writer suggests that Wenger speaks in meaningless clichés. This particular statement was enough to complete a notional list of clichés.


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    Bingo is a game where each player has a different grid of numbers. Numbers are drawn at random, and each player crosses off that number on their card if it is present. When they cross off a line or the whole grid they win. A (usually hypothetical) variant of this is "buzzword bingo", where the grid consists of clichéd words or expressions. In this case the overall meaning is something like "Wenger used one of his typically philosophical phrases".
    Thanks Andygc for the quick answer. I now the bingo game, but it is the first time I hear of buzzphrase bingo. Thank you for the piece of information. However, I still cannot discern the exact meaning of the phrase. I hope somebody else will provide me with more insights.
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