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je me demandais comment traduire l'expression de victoire/satisfaction, exprimée par "bingo!" en Français, quand on cherche quelque chose, tente quelque chose, ou essaye de deviner quelque chose; et subitement on y arrive.
"Je tente de le convaincre de me loger pour la nuit, en lui proposant de lui donner quelques cours de Français en échange. Bingo! Il accepte."
Est-ce la même chose en Anglais?
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    Hello kipan.

    "Bingo!" is used in English in a similar fashion to the way you described it used in French. "Bingo!" could be used in your example.

    I would be more likely to say "Result!" in this case. You worked hard to persuade him to let you stay. "Bingo!", to me, implies more luck and less work.


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    I agree with Pyan.
    ‘Score!’ might work in AE (?). But as a BE speaker I’ve never heard it used in that way.


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    I don't agree with you at all, Pyan. Bingo! is often used in AE to mean "You got it!" In other words, you understand. For example:

    Guy: You mean that if I take a shower, change my undies, and brush my teeth before I meet a girl, I might have a better chance of sleeping with her?
    Big sister: Bingo!
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