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If you were asked for a brief biographical sketch or yourself, what would you hand in?

I'm being asked for one, but I'm not sure if it's the same than a essay, or if it should be more like a resume or a bulleted list with the most outstanding facts of my life and career?

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  • aldoam

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    México, Spanish, English
    I was asked for it as a requirement to apply for a scholarship, and I think 100 words would let out a lot of information.

    I prepared a 400 word "sketch" including where I was born, most outstanding recognitions, social service and current University experience, as well as what would I do if I obtain the scholarship.

    Would you suggest anything else?


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    One paragraph on your life ("just the facts") and one paragraph on the most salient points of your academic/professional achievements.

    My vote is always: find someone who's done it or been through it before.
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