Bir şey (in a negative sentence)

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  1. Xander2024 Senior Member

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    Hello again,

    I've just come across the following sentence in my Turkish textbook and I don't know whether it is a mistake or not:

    Ben ona bir şey (dememek).

    I am supposed to put the verb in the brackets into the right form. So, should the sentence be "Ben ona bir şey dimiyorum" or "Ben ona hiçbir şey dimiyorum"? The fact is that the word "hiç" has not even been mentioned in the textbook so far.

    Şimdiden teşekkürler.
  2. Rallino Moderatoúrkos

    'Ben ona bir şey demiyorum' may at times be the same thing as ben ona hiçbir şey demiyorum, but it can also mean I'm not against it (as in, I'm not saying any bad words about it). It depends on the context. Do you have any context there?
  3. Xander2024 Senior Member

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    No, Rallino. They are exercises that consist of separate sentences, with a different task to each exercise. Another one:

    Put the sentence into a negative form - "Adil bir şey yapıyor". If I get it right, the negative form may be both "Adil bir şey yapmıyor" and "Adil hiçbir şey yapmıyor". Değil mi?

    Are they both interchangeable?
  4. Rallino Moderatoúrkos

    Yes, they are perfectly interchangeable. :thumbsup:
  5. Xander2024 Senior Member

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    Thanks a lot for the help. :)

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