bir köyde dünyalar güzeli bir kız varmış

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    At the beginning of a fairy tale there's "Zamanın birinde bir köyde dünyalar güzeli bir kız varmış". I don't understand "bir köyde dünyalar guzelli." It must be "in a village" of some kind but the plural "worlds" is throwing me and the construction doesn't show up in a google search.

    Is "dünyalar güzelli" a construction meaning something like "very beautiful?"
  2. Rallino Moderatoúrkos

    Yes, it literally means: the beauty of (many) worlds. It makes me think of Miss World Beauty Contest. ;)
    It's a saying that means that the girl is very beautiful.

    PS. The güzeli in 'dünyalar güzeli' has only one L -- just like you wrote in the title.
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    Thanks again! You're very helpful!

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