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I've difficulty in understanding this expession: "having problems with a message at the local bird and bee".
I knows that "bird and bee" refers to a way to explain sex and reproduction to children, but I just can't figure out the meaning in that context.

Thanks in advance!
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    Well, it's an extract of a song by the Beatles (Cry baby cry).
    Here is the full verse:
    " The duchess of Arkady always smiling
    And arriving late for tea;
    The duke was having problems
    With a message at the local bird and bee."

    I suppose it implies an infidelity commited by the duke, but I'm not too sure...
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    It is suggested on several websites that "the Bird and Bee" is the name of an imaginary pub. That fits with "the local", which is often used to refer to one's local pub.

    It's the duchess of Kirkcaldy, not Arkady, I think.
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