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I would like to know if the birth certificate and certificate of live birth are the same document or if there is a difference. I know there is a "Certification of live birth" that is mainly a summary of the "certificate of live birth", but I am curious to know if the document "birth certificate" per se exists and what is the difference. I have checked the code of California about Vital Records, but my doubt continues. Thanks in advance for your help.
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    There are fifty states in the US, and each state has its own way of documenting the registration of births, and naming the document that gets issued. Some states issue a "certificate of live birth", other states have a "birth certification", or a "certificate of birth", or a "certificate of registration of birth". A look at Google images reveals that at least some counties in West Virginia label the document a "birth certificate." In any case, regardless of the words printed at the top of the paper your local governmental body will give you, Americans will generally refer to the document as a "birth certificate."
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