1. Kir88 Senior Member

    english, usa
    what is the translation for "birthday party"? une fête de l'anniversaire?

  2. elioush Senior Member

    Hi, as far as i know i've never heard of "une fête d'anniversaire", or at least it sounds weird to me.

    I'd rather say :
    -We are going to his birthday party.

    -On va fêter son anniversaire.

    please wait for another suggestions
  3. Franglais1969

    Franglais1969 Senior Member

    English English, français rouillé
    I agree with elioush. The phrase he/she provided looks better. :)
  4. Fred_C

    Fred_C Senior Member

    Hi, as far as i know I have heard "une fête d'anniversaire" many times, and it does not sound weird at all to me.
    But it is true that it is better to say "On va fêter son anniversaire" instead of "On va faire sa fête d'anniversaire".
  5. Kir88 Senior Member

    english, usa
    merci à tous! :)

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