1. apsabella Member

    Spanish, Argentina
    Hi, this should be an occupation or a machine operated by someone. I know what a boiler is (caldera), but as far as I know there are no boilers used to make biscuits :confused:

    Thank you all for your help!

    Ana Paula
  2. Ana_Fi

    Ana_Fi Senior Member

    Madrid, Spain
    Spain - Spanish
    ¿Qué tal un horno?
  3. apsabella Member

    Spanish, Argentina
    Gracias Ana! Lo pensé en un momento pero no estoy segura de por qué no ponen oven, stove o algo así. ´Pero sería una opción para considerar.

    Saluditos! :)
  4. friedfysh Senior Member

    Doncaster, UK
    England, United Kingdom (English)
    I've never heard of a biscuit boiler sorry. A biscuit is a galleta if that helps. In the USA a biscuit is something else, like a bizcocho. I don't think a biscuit boiler could be an oven, because biscuits would be baked, not boiled. Is it possible it's just a mistake?

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