biscuits covered with mascarpone cream

Discussion in 'Polski (Polish)' started by Riveritos, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Riveritos Senior Member

    I have trouble with the description in Polish of this recipe
    I need to say that those are biscuits covered with mascarpone cream and decorated with cocoa (on top)
    Here's my attempt:
    Biszkopty pokryte kremem mascarpone z dekoracją kakaową
    I'm specially concerned about pokryte kremem mascarpone
    Do you think it can be understood by Polish people?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. LilianaB Banned

    US New York
    You can say: biszkopty w kremie mascarpone, pokryte czekoladą (kakaem). Also. Is that a description, or a part of cooking instructions?
  3. dreamlike

    dreamlike Senior Member

    It would be widely and readily understood, Riveritos, you are good to use it.

    Liliana's suggestion is fine, too. Actually, it's even better than your version, since it takes care of the repetition of 'pokryte' pretty smoothly.
    We wouldn't say 'udekorowane czekoladą/kakaem' but rather go for 'pokryte', so you'd have to use it twice, were you to stick to your version.
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  4. Thomas1

    Thomas1 Senior Member

    polszczyzna warszawska
    I also like Liliana's version a bit better. I'd suggest, however, using 'kakaem', because it's not chocolate if my eyes serve me well. Alternatively, it can be 'z posypką kakaową': biszkopty w kremie mascarpone z posypką kakaową.
    Apart from that, the only thing I don't understand is the name of the cream, as it's not something we use very often in Polish cuisine.
  5. R.O

    R.O Banned

    It's getting more and more popular actually. It's part of many delicious desserts.
  6. dreamlike

    dreamlike Senior Member

    Liliana's suggestion combined with that of Thomas gives you a complete sentence I would use, Riveritos.

    biszkopty w kremie mascarpone, z posypką kakaową.
  7. Riveritos Senior Member

    Thank you all for your help :thumbsup:

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