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Note: 'x' or 'xx' should come after your name (or instead of your name), whereas love would come before your name. You can use as many x's as you like, depending on how much you like the person!

This advice is incorrect, at least for American English. It is more common to put the x or xx or sometimes xo or other combinations of x's and o's (o's being hugs, x's being kisses) before the name rather than after.

Also, it is rather less common to close with a single x, still less with 3 x's (this being associated with pornography). The most common such closing in my experience is xo or xoxo (hugs and kisses).

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    Wow, thanks for this. I had no idea Americans put x's before their names. We always put them after. And there is no pornographic association with 3 x's in BE - at least, not that I know of!

    Now all I have to do is fit this into a note with a limited character count... Wish me luck! (You should see some changes next time the dictionary updates.)
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