Bit like having a soundtrack to your life.

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Hi, everybody!
I am in doubt re translation of the cue from the film "Secret Life of primates".
Two behaviorists are playing music (Mozart's Horn Concerto number four in E-Flat) to baboons in the wild to see their reaction.
One of them says: Feels sort of surreal.
The other answers: Yeah. Bit like having a soundtrack to your life.

Does he mean that

1) he would like to listen to this music all his life long, to spend his life to this piece of music?
2) now that the music is playing he has got a feeling that he sees a film, not reality.
Probably there are some other meanings i have not guessed. What are they if any?
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    I think your interpretation 2 is pretty close.

    Many films have a soundtrack - that is, music that is not played by the characters in the film, but that comes from an unknown source.

    If the soundtrack is good, it fits or subtly adds to the atmosphere of the film. (If the soundtrack is bad, it is merely irritating).

    I think the expression "soundtrack to one's life" can refer to music that one has heard (and enjoyed?) many times in one's life, or can refer to music that in some way illustrates or parralels the development of one's life.

    Here I think the speaker means that he feels like he is a character in a film, because, like in a film, there is music in the background that is vaguely appropriate to the action.
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    Here, it is described as surreal because we don't have a soundtrack to our lives, but these baboons suddenly do.
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