Bit of a character assassination on old King

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Can somebody explain me what does the following phrase mean?

"Bit of a character assassination on old King."

This is from the British TV-series "Lewis".

King has been murdered and Hathaway (policeman) has found a newspaper while searching his stuff.
Hathaway holds up an article with Charlie Newton's (journalist) picture on it. King has ringed the article in red pen.
Hathaway says: Bit of a character assassination on old King.

I know all the words, but I have no idea what does it mean:eek:
  • rhitagawr

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    British English
    A character assassination is a slander, libel, or something of that nature. Newton has written some nasty things about King in an effort to turn the public against King or to make him look stupid. I didn't see the episode myself.
    ('Bit of' is an English understatement. 'He's a bit of an idiot'.)
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