Bit of a novice when it came to charting aquatic courses

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In the movie ''playing it cool'' a man and a woman are walking near a harbor where there are lots of boats and the ensuing conversation goes between them:

Man: I did spend a lot of time down here, though, as a kid. My granddad took me here a lot. We'd walk up and down the docks
we'd pick a boat, pretend to own it, name it, and then list all the places you'd sail to. My granddad was great at it, too. He'd pick names like Helen of Troy or the S.S. Excalibur. Sail to places like Sea of Cortez and Zanzibar, you know?

Woman: And what about you?

Man: I was the captain of the S.S. Heman, and we had set a course for Castle Grayskull. Bit of a novice when it came to charting aquatic courses.

I would appreciate it if you rephrased the bold sentence the man says.
  • PaulQ

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    Bit of -> [I am] somewhat
    To chart a course -> to draw a course on a chart or map

    Uncle Jack

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    I don't think any real sailor would use such a term, at least, not the word "aquatic". But the man and his granddad were pretending, so creating the right feel was important, not factual accuracy. His granddad gave appropriate mythological names for his ships and chose exotic locations to sail to; the man named his ship and chose his destination from Masters of the Universe, a collection of children's toys and an animated television series.
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