bitch about everything and everybody


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What means "bitch about everything and everybody", please?

But that was just a stress-induced fantasy. Like, he could remember once, a loooooong time ago, he hadn’t been bitched about everything and everybody. Really. It was true.

J.R. Ward "The King"

It's not any better than Dems or Republicans, it's just a copout to pretend you have some kind of middle ground to bitch about everything and everybody.
  • dharasty

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    Here, "bitch" is a verb meaning "complain" or "whine".

    So it simply means "complain about everything and everybody".


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    I agree with dharasty. I warn you that even though it is common many people find it crude.


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    I apologize; yes, I wholeheartedly agree with MarcB!

    I did not mean to convey they were interchangeable: to say someone is "bitching" is usually to disparage them for excessive and annoying complaining.

    (Thanks MarcB!)
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