Bitch or female dog?


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Hello, everybody.

I was asked by a student about the use of bitch (female dog). She wanted to know if the word is common or if people avoid it (because of the other meaning). I didn't really know what to say. So, how common is it used to refer about a female dog or do people avoid it and use another form?

Thanks in advance.

  • Hermocrates

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    I would say the term is so widely used in the figural sense (derogative), that it is normally avoided in the literal sense (female dog).

    But let's see what others think...



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    If you are having a conversation about dogs I think it would sound very odd to avoid the word 'bitch'. In my experience it is used widely and without problems.


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    Perhaps that is true in England. But I would have to agree and say that it is used in a very derogative way in the States and therefore it is not used for referring literally to a female dog. The term is a vulgar term.


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    In the US we tend to say "it's a female". I think bitch is used more when talking technically, as in breeding. But normally we just call it a female. The dog part is given so there's no need to repeat it, but it can be used.


    What kind of Shepard do you have? I have a female.
    What is it (speaking about the dog)? It's a female.


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    A female dog is often just called a "dog" in general conversation. If you say "My dog just had puppies" no one is going to fault you. I have a male dog who happens to be rather pretty, and people on the street often call him "she" - I think because he's pretty. I just say 'He's a boy."


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    I was told once that in Great Britain and Ireland, "bitch" is used without any connotation other than a reference to a female dog; if a family has such an animal as a pet, a child might ask its mother, "Has anyone fed the bitch yet?" That child would be reprimanded in the US, and would probably not even know that a "bitch" is a "girl dog." Dog breeders and show-ers, and perhaps their small children, are another story.
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