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Hi to all! My name is Max, i am russian. And , in university, we have a project to compare a list of 100 neologisms. I found a perfect phrase - bitch please. Can i use it as the neologism? If no, where can i find some interesting words for my list?
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    Hello, Max - welcome to the forums!

    I'm not familiar with "bitch please", myself, but the Urban Dictionary (not 100% reliable, since entries are posted by individuals) says that it was first used by pimps in the 1970s. So it's not exactly "new":(.

    We don't compile lists here at WordReference, so we can't help you directly with your project. It would probably be useful, though, to look at the periodic announcements made by several dictionaries to publicise words that have recently been added. If you google "dictionary new words" that should give you a good start:). (You might find it easier to limit the search to Google News in the first instance.)


    Added If you want to come back and ask questions about individual neologisms when you've found them, that would be fine!
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