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I've tried to understand what she would want mean..
anyone could help me to undestand this?

is from a conversation on 'how i met your mother'

[Second term removed to it's own thread.]

This steak totally bitch-slapped my pork chops.
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    I haven't seen the show. My guess is that they had a cooking-contest.

    [Second term removed to it's own thread.]

    bitch-slapped ---->easily defeated in a fight

    It's all slang.
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    "bitch slap" has several possibilities: it's for a woman to deliver a slap to a woman (bitch); or for a man to deliver a blow to another man, in a way that makes him look like a woman getting slapped.

    Applied to the two dishes, the steak defeats (is better than) the chops in a humiliating way (similar to the second meaning, above).
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