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I have a question about fishing. If I see a fisherman fishing, the usual question people ask "Biting?"(the fish is biting the bait). I want to know what is the usual way to ask this in English.
Thanks a lot in advance
  • George French

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    "Are they biting?" is used to enquire if the fish are nibbling at the bait. Hopefully they bite and they get caught on the hook. That's fine unless you are the fish.:eek:


    It is also used figuratively...

    Matching Mole

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    We do talk of fish biting (or not) meaning to take bait from a fishing line, so this would be understood. There's also a figurative phrase "I'll bite", meaning I'll answer the question (the question—a difficult one—being the "bait", and the answerer the fish, as it were).


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    Just as a matter of clarification, "Are they biting?" usually refers to the general state of things, more or less "Is the fishing productive today?" It does not normally mean "Are there fish biting at your line right now?"
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