bitter and kicked.


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I'm reading Mafiaboy book and I want to know what does "bitter and kicked" mean in below text?
"That morning, I felt bitter and kicked around".
For more information please see "Mafiaboy".

Thank you.
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    "Bitter and kicked" doesn't mean anything. "Bitter" means something, and "kicked around" means something. Both of these can be found in the Wordreference dictionary.


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    It might make more sense if you said: "That morning, I felt bitter because I had been kicked around." I'm not sure that's exactly what the author wanted to say, however.
    "kick around" which is good for "kicked around" ?
    " In subsequent media reports, one RCMP officer poked fun at me for having made an error while typing a computer command early one morning after having been up most of the night. The RCMP still wanted to make an example out of me, but it also felt as though they took pleasure in ridiculing me. I had been told not to say anything. Me, the mouthy kid who had in part talked his way into trouble, had managed to keep quiet since my arrest the previous April. That morning, I felt bitter and kicked around. I had given the government what it wanted by pleading guilty, yet I felt certain this capitulation would have little effect on my punishment."


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    Yes, :) "kicked around" there means he felt that he had been treated badly (by the RCMP) despite his guilty plea.
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