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I'm listening to the song by Sam Sparro named 'Black and Gold' and I would like to know why is it called like this. I mean, is there some hidden meaning? Does 'black and gold' mean 'bad and good'? Because he sing 'I wanna be next to you black and gold', does this mean I want to be with you whatever happens?
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  • owlman5

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    Here is a stanza from Sparro's song that may help:
    I looked up into the night sky
    And see a thousand eyes staring back
    And all around these golden beacons
    I see nothing but black

    Looking at the rest of Sparro's song, I see that he claims that nothing has any meaning without the woman(?) he's singing about. "Black and gold" refers to the golden points of light that he sees in the night sky. "Black" refers to the darkness of that sky.
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