Black hole of personality conflict

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"Clear and open conflict is the sign of a healthy set. Silence, interrupted by the occasional slammed door, is the sign that the creative process is stuck in the loathsome black hole of personality conflict."

Book: What They Don't Teach You at Film School (Camille Landau and Tiare White)

What does the author means by 'loathsome black hole of personality conflict'?

  • dojibear

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    The author invented this phrase. It has no standard meaning in English. Each reader must figure out what they think he means based on his words ("interpret his words").

    He only uses one special term: "black hole". Black holes are theoretical objects in space, that have gravity so powerful that nothing (not even light) can leave them. So metaphorically a "black hole" is a place no-one can escape.

    But I am guessing that the author is using this meaning of "black hole". He might simply mean "a dark hole", like a cave or a tunnel. Who knows?


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    Dojibear has explained this well, and I agree with him (her? sorry, I don't know) that the author here means something that no-one, or nothing, can escape. The conflict between those involved in the creative process has become so bad that no work, no results, are being produced, nothing useful can leave because of the arguments.
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