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    What does 'black shift dress' mean?

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    I've looked some pictures from Google's pictures, but I don't completely understand it. It looks like bandage dress. What's the difference between two type?

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    A 'shift' is a dress that hangs loosely from the shoulders, touching the body at the bust and the hips, but not fitted at the waist. This style was especially fashionable in the 1960s.

    Added: Here are two pictures of shifts that are not black. I think it is easier to see the fit if the color is lighter.
    A dark blue shift. (I think it's dark blue. It could be shiny black.)

    A yellow shift.
    (Sometimes a belt was used to draw in the waist, but the more usual thing was to wear them loose.)
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    Thank you very much.
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    A bandage dress is usually tight and is made out of strips of cloth as if the woman has been wrapped in bandages.

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