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I wonder what colors (or other names) different languages assign to black tea (oxidized tea), as opposed to green tea (non-oxidized tea).

In Chinese, it's 紅茶 (red tea).
  • In Greek it's «μαύρο τσάι» [ˈma.vrɔ ˈʦ͡ai̯] (both neut.) --> black tea
    Green tea is «πράσινο τσάι» [ˈɔ ˈʦ͡ai̯] (both neut.) --> green tea

    -MoGr adj. «μαύρος, -ρη, -ρο» [ˈma.vrɔs] (masc.), [ˈma.vri] (fem.), [ˈma.vrɔ] (neut.) --> black, a boomerang word: Classical adj. «ἀμαυρός» ămau̯rós --> hardly seen, dim, faint > Lat. mauros > Byz. Gr. «μαῦρος» maû̯ros --> dark, dim, black (for Beekes the Greek word is probably of substrate origin, as it has no etymology).
    -MoGr adj. «πράσινος, -νη, -νο» [ˈɔs] (masc.), [ˈ] (fem.), [ˈɔ] (neut.) --> green < Koine adj. «πράσιος» prắsiŏs & «πράσινος» prắsinŏs --> leek-coloured, green < Classical neut. noun «πράσον» prắsŏn --> leek, Allium porrum (from a probable PIE root *pr̥so- leek cf Lat. porrum).
    -MoGr neut. noun «τσάι» [ˈʦ͡ai̯] --> tea a modern loanword (1895) from Russian: чай.


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    Macedonian: црн чај (crn čaj) [t͡sr̩n t͡ʃaj] - "black tea"

    Bulgarian: черен чай (čeren čaj) [t͡ʃɛrɛn t͡ʃaj] - "black tea"

    Serbian: црни чај (crni čaj) [t͡sr̩ni t͡ʃaj] - "black tea"
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    Indeed; it's чёрный чай (chórnyi cháy) in Russian (i.e. exactly "black tea"), as opposed to зелёный чай (zelyónyi cháy - "green tea").


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    In Turkish: black tea => siyah çay, green tea=> yeşil çay. Both have the same meaning as their English equivalents.


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    Italian (North)
    Schwarztee or schwarzer Tee (black)
    Grüntee or grüner Tee (green)

    French :
    Thé noir/ thé vert (black/green)

    Tè nero / tè verde (black/green)


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    Ghabi when we search online urdu meaning of coffee its shows قہوہ but coffee is not قہوہ i will clear it with an example
    if you ever visit Pakistan and went in any restaurant and ordered قہوہ they will serve you black tea not coffee and
    here are two types of قہوہ black Tea and green tea سبز قہوہ simply we can say tea in which we not use milk called
    قہوہ i think not sure in India they also name it قہوہ
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