Blackout List (securities trading)


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could someone help me translate the term Blackout List in a legal context please?
(Blackout List means a list of Securities in which personal trading is prohibited. Generally, the Securities included on the list are ETFs.)
I don't have more context unfortunately as it's a list of terms to be translated which are not linked to each other.
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Quelqu'un pourrait-il m'aider à traduire le terme Blackout List en français dans un contexte juridique svp ?

Merci !
  • jetset

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    Proposition: "Liste d’exclusions" (such as investments in firearms, animal fur, palm oil...). You will also find "Secteurs d'exclusion/exclusions sectorielles". Or simply "Liste noire".


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    The quoted definition of Blackout List comes from a client contract of a Singaporean bank. Both the terms Securities and ETF have their own specific technical definitions within this contract. The context is thus highly technical, and the chief problem is not a translation problem from English to French. In light of this, jetset's proposed general translation makes eminent sense. The exclusions on this list are securities offered by this bank for sale, but which may not be bought by the holder of this contract.